Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I involve my children or other family members in my ceremony?

You most certainly can. Some of the best ceremonies involve family members.

Do you perform same sex weddings?


What do I do about a Marriage Licence?

This is called a Notice of Intended Marriage (BDM60). It needs to be filled out by the couple and lodged at a courthouse. Once it's processed, the licence can be collected from the courthouse and is valid for three months from issue.

How long should my ceremony be?

That's totally up to you. It can be as quick or as long as you like but most are completed within 30 minutes. It really depends on what you choose to include.

Do you charge a fee?

Yes. There's quite a few hours work involved in creating an amazing ceremony. We can discuss this in our first chat.

Can we meet via Skype?

Sure, life is busy! If you'd prefer to catch up using Skype that's totally fine.



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